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    Our Credo is Excellence in Sports


About Us

Our motto is sports, our credo is excellence in sports!

Our company, EW Links Beograd, has been set-up with the explicit intent of promoting holistic sports tourism for Indian students. Based in Belgrade, Serbia, we seek to expose students to the world class sports infrastructure that Serbia has to offer and provide professional coaching under the tutelage of current and former International players and certified coaches.

Our programme helps participants improve their skills immensely, while allowing them to enjoy the culture and sights of our UNESCO protected medieval buildings.

Participating students and their chaperoning teachers are provided excellent hotel accommodation.

Our Participants

DPS Bangalore (North)

Royal Global School

DPS Agra

Avalon World School

DPS Rajnagar

DPS Gandhinagar

DPS Surat

DPS Vadodara

DPS Harni

DPS Bangalore (South)

School of India